Sunday, October 3, 2010



Cinquain Pattern #1.


Speed cars

Nice one but

Out of reach just


Cinquain Pattern #2.

Muay Thai

Unique, Beautiful

Attacking, Fading, Gambling

Traditional Thai Martial Art


Cinquain Patter #3.

Muay Thai

Feet, Knee, Elbow

Killing with no mercy

Strongest of the fighting arts


Short Story

Everyday are the same

Peter is an employee in Drug Company. Everyday he wakes up at 7am.and goes to work at 8.30am. He usually takes the bus to work. Also this day, it is similar as other day in his life, but there is something wrong that he wakes up late. He looks at the alarm clock, it is 10.00am. He runs to take a shower and goes to the bus stop. Unfortunately, there is no bus for 30 minutes, he is waiting. Then, he decides to go to work by taxi. He tries looking for the taxi, but there aren’t any taxis on the road. Suddenly, he gives up to take any vehicles. He starts running to the company. He runs for 40 minutes. He finally arrives there. Then he look at the door and pause for a moment and sits on the ground immediately because there is a red post says “CLOESD” on it. Then he realizes this day is Sunday.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Everyone knows I am a game addict. So my interest is all about games. I used to play many games and played many games online. My most interesting game is Aion. I met many people from all around the world. I have friends from Korea, Cannada, the Philippines, and the USA. It is about war of 2 races of human. It is very fun. I can kill other players on the game. I spend much time online so I'm the strongest player in Asia. This game also improves my English skills because it is an international server , only English language is acceptable. I talk online with every member of my legion while I'm playing . It is very fun because everyone has different accent.


I spend my time with 5 friends on last winter. We went to my friend's grandmother's house at Cha Choeng Sao. We went by the train. It was 1 hour away from Bangkok. The scenery along the way was very beautiful. We arrived at 10.00 am and walked from the train station to the house that was not too far. The weather was very cold. I wore up 2 sweaters at noon. In the evening we headed to the river for fishing by walking through the rice fields. We were fishing untill midnight then came back to the house and cook the fish from the river for dinner. We all had very funny moment there.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie Review

200 Pounds Beauty.

The story talks about Hanna who is a phone sex talker and a singer. But she sings only at back stage as a secret singer for Ammy who is a famous singer because of she is really fat and Ammy cantnot sing well. Hanna has a father with some mental problems and she goes to visit him at the hospital often. She falls in love with Ammy's music director name Jun. One day Hanna was invited to birthday party and heard something about Jun just using Hanna for her voice. She is very sad and decides to get plastic surgery. She goes direcly to the hospital to see a surgeon. At first the surgeon refuses to operate on Hanna but she can remember the surgeon's voice that is the same as a customer who call to her and talk about sex. Then she tells to the doctor that she will blackmail him by tell everything to his wife if he is not going to make she beautiful. Finally Hanna done plastic surgery and exercise for a year and become beautiful and slender.

When she comes back from the hospital no one can remember her even her best friend. Then she
pretends to be Jenny an American - Korea from California and goes to audition to be Ammy's secret singer again. She tells to every that she is all-natural. Then Jun desides to promote Jenny because of she is pretty and got talent of singing. Ammy is very jealous about this and she tries to find where is Hanna go by spend time with Hana's father at the mental hospital. One day Ammy found that Jenny comes to see Hanna's father. At that time she realizes that Jenny is actually Hanna in disguise. Jenny is very famous and Jun holds a party to celebrate. However, Ammy brings Hanna's Father to the party in order to tell everyone the truth but Jenny refuses and knocks him down to the floor. Then Ammy helps him and leads him away from the party. Hanna unable to pretends to be Jenny anymore. She tries to tell everyone the truth in her concert that she is all fake unnatural. However, nobody believes her. She tells everythings to the audiences. Then while she is talking the screen on the stage starts to show up a clip of Hanna is singing. Jenny turns around and sees her old image and tell everyone that is the real her. All of her fans bawl '' It's okay" .Then she sees one of her audience it is her father.She runs toward to hug him and leave everything about Jenny. She uses her own name Hanna on CD and then she become a highly successful music artist.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This page is for me...

Hello my name is Korphong Dansirawanich. I'm a 4th year student at CRU. I like to play computer games so much especially Aion. I also like to go to the gym to exercise there. I don't like to travel because I hate to stay on a bus,t rain or plane for a long time. But if I could go somewhere, I would go to Las Vegas because there are tons of modern buildings and world class casinos (actually I want to test my luck xD). In my free time I like to listen to music. I like every kind of music. My favorite singer is Kim Tae Yeon. She is a Korea singer. I have never seen a person like her, I mean she has got singing talent, cuteness, attractive personality and so on. I know no one is perfect but for me she is a person who is nearest to the meaning of perfectness. In the future I would like to work at International Airport because I can meet different kinds of people and I'm sure the salary is good at the International Airport:) Nothing more about me. If you want to know my more, keep reading my blog. You will see my thoughts and my heart in my writings! :) See the deepest me.