Sunday, September 5, 2010


Everyone knows I am a game addict. So my interest is all about games. I used to play many games and played many games online. My most interesting game is Aion. I met many people from all around the world. I have friends from Korea, Cannada, the Philippines, and the USA. It is about war of 2 races of human. It is very fun. I can kill other players on the game. I spend much time online so I'm the strongest player in Asia. This game also improves my English skills because it is an international server , only English language is acceptable. I talk online with every member of my legion while I'm playing . It is very fun because everyone has different accent.


I spend my time with 5 friends on last winter. We went to my friend's grandmother's house at Cha Choeng Sao. We went by the train. It was 1 hour away from Bangkok. The scenery along the way was very beautiful. We arrived at 10.00 am and walked from the train station to the house that was not too far. The weather was very cold. I wore up 2 sweaters at noon. In the evening we headed to the river for fishing by walking through the rice fields. We were fishing untill midnight then came back to the house and cook the fish from the river for dinner. We all had very funny moment there.