Sunday, October 3, 2010



Cinquain Pattern #1.


Speed cars

Nice one but

Out of reach just


Cinquain Pattern #2.

Muay Thai

Unique, Beautiful

Attacking, Fading, Gambling

Traditional Thai Martial Art


Cinquain Patter #3.

Muay Thai

Feet, Knee, Elbow

Killing with no mercy

Strongest of the fighting arts


Short Story

Everyday are the same

Peter is an employee in Drug Company. Everyday he wakes up at 7am.and goes to work at 8.30am. He usually takes the bus to work. Also this day, it is similar as other day in his life, but there is something wrong that he wakes up late. He looks at the alarm clock, it is 10.00am. He runs to take a shower and goes to the bus stop. Unfortunately, there is no bus for 30 minutes, he is waiting. Then, he decides to go to work by taxi. He tries looking for the taxi, but there aren’t any taxis on the road. Suddenly, he gives up to take any vehicles. He starts running to the company. He runs for 40 minutes. He finally arrives there. Then he look at the door and pause for a moment and sits on the ground immediately because there is a red post says “CLOESD” on it. Then he realizes this day is Sunday.